Thursday, 11 November 2010

Correct ;)

It was Anthony :)
And that's the finished cover... I forgot that Tinypic makes things huge... Just click it and you'll see it in a seperate page...... And then come back to read the interview ;)

And this is the interview composed by the always lovely Emma. It may look daunting but I highly HIGHLY reccomend reading it, it's some of Emma's best work and she spent alot of time on it, plus it's very awesome ;)

Interview with Anthony - Fierce August

Dearest readers, when making this issue, the thought was that Fierce was going to be Covergirl-less, different, ha? But then, oh well, we gave in, because we couldn’t resits to feature the amazingly talented Anthony, so enjoy, cause you know this is for you out there on a rainy Tuesday!

As I sit here, in a random starbucks, typing these words, I can’t help but to wonder, what is it that makes us choose a role-model for each issue? It can be because we make a theme around them, it’s normally the other way around. Then why? Normally, the cover girl interview only read by the people knowing the person. And the cover girl always seems to be someone that is very “in” and there for featured in a lot of magazines. At Fierce we’ve tried different kinds of covergirls, we had a cg who no one knew who was, and before that it was the team, it’s been a while since we just had a “normall” covergirl. But I’ve came to the conclusion that it must be because this certain person is interresting, why else would someone be featured in severale magazines? For this issue, we’re going back to our roots, as we did almost a year ago, we have a Coverboy that you know and love, Anthony.

As I look up from my computer, I almost jump in my chair when I see that Anthony is sitting at my table, smilling at me. I can’t help but to laugh. He seems happy and calm, but yet he is telling me how exicted and honoured he is to be on the cover. “Fierce is my favorite magazine!” He tells me and moves a bit in his chair. I slowly takes a sip of my latte, “And you know” I look at him while I place my cup back on the small table “We’re happy to have you” I say smilling back at him.

As I clear my throat and puts on my serious face, he laughs at me and says “You look so serious!” “Well.. I’m suposed to, aren’t I? This suposed to be a serious interview, so I have to be serious” “I guess” he says while lifting his shoulders. I have consentrate on not to smile, there’s something about Anthony, that makes you feel welcomed and relaxed.

Then, I get myself together and ask the first question “Tell me a bit about yourself Anthony, who are you?” He laughs shortly then answers “Anthony! I'm a 14 year old boy from America! My hair is blond, my eyes are blue, and the only thing i can ever imagine myself doing is art or fashion. I'm helpless with anything else.” “Art or fashion eh? I guess it’s not that new on this site that we go to, no? Speaking if which, you’ve been very known for your outfits, what inspires you to make them?” as I ask him the next question I lean back in my chair and cross my arms, waiting as he thinks about his answer. “I'm wondering if I'll sound stupid if I say” he pauses and shortly looks into the air untill he continues “Nothing really! I just wear what I want to wear. Sometimes it's something slutty, sometimes it's some chic evening gown. Usually it's a mix of both!” I nod, agreeing, and say that I myself never think about anything when I make my outfits either, and he laughs at me, telling me that it’s nice to know that he is not alone.

After a moment of silence, I change the topic when I remember my next question while looking down at my Dioguardi bag “You recently got the job as Dioguardi’s new designer, what made you aply, why Diogaurdi Couture? Why not start your own?” He smirks at me and says “Because I'm the best...and Dioguardi is the most well known stardoll brand and/or the best stardoll brand! I really think that I can bring my own personal flare to it, aswell as continue what Manolo was doing.” “I know that you love to draw, but why drawing? Is it just something you’ve always done, like a natural thing, or did you work hard to get where you are now?” “I've always drawn. I really got serious about it recently. I had a great art teacher in middle school, and she really saw me as raw talent that she could develop and improove. She is definetely one of the reasons why I'm so serious about it now. I've drawn almost every day for the past two years. It helps me deal with the pressures of life, and is a great outlet.” I sit for a moment, thinking about my new found information “Well that is so inspiring, I wish I had a way to get rid of my energies and emotions at times, but I guess I have my writting, right?” He nods “Well to keep talking about your skills, do you think, if you tried, that you could go into making graphics, with skills like yours, you could be really good, and stardoll loves their graphic designers, is that something you would try?” He thinks for moment, looks up for a second then says “I would love to try graphic design, but I wouldn't love to buy photoshop. I'm sure that I could get good...but I'm completely fine with drawing on paper, and having people graphic design for me. I'd rather use the money to buy photoshop on clothes, anyway.”

“To go back to where we started, I’ve noticed that you’ve left stardoll severale times, why do you come back? What do you think will need to happent before you stop coming back?” “I leave stardoll, because I always think that I've grown out of it, and it's affecting my life... but to be completely honest, the next day I regret it... and it's just a power struggle with my conscience and I until I come back. Usually it's soon... my will power is lacking.” he says and laughs at himself for a short second, then smiles as he has done trhough out the entire interview. “Now, I must warn you, I’m going to get a bit serious now with my next question” He freezed for a second then says “I thought that you had been serious all along, I mean, that’s what you said earlier, that this was a serious interview?” “Well.. yeah, but now is where it gets really serious!” “Oh really?!” he says lifting his eyebrow. “Well, yes, really. Now can I ask my next question?” “Sure” “To you, what is most important in life?” His smiles at me and answers “Doing what I love. I'm not going to go on and on, because this isn't one of those questions that require a long answer, but I love drawing, and fashion, and my friends, and I can't imagine living without those things.” I can’t help but to nod in agreement.

“As for my very last question, I’m going to get a bit” I pause as I try figure out the right word “unproffessional” “I thought you said it was a serious interview?” he says and laughs “It was, but now it’s over, and my last question is not serious” “If it’s over then why are there another question?” I know he got me trapped in my own words now, and so does he, as he grins at me “Look, do you want the last question or not?” “I want to it, fire away Dane!” I quickly laughs at my new found nickname, shakes my head and sighs “Anywho, to end on an unproffesional way, what is your favorite cheese? Do you even like cheese?!” I say while lifting my eyebrow and then drinking the very last part of my latte. He stares at me for a second then almost yells “Are you kidding me? CHEESE IS MY GOD! Well not really... but cheese is one of my favorite foods. I'm pretty sure that the American government is totally jealous of me, and I'll say my favorite cheese is American. I really, really like monterey jack, and feta, and parmesan, and havarti... I'm sort of like Jesus, in that I love all of the cheeses in the world.” “ A jesus of cheese huh? What’s that like?” “Amazing” he says and smiles.

Written by Emma Ullits

- Hunni x x x


  1. I won :P:P

    The CG pic's amazing & so the interview.

  2. The interview and the cover are AMAZING! Great job, really! I hope everything goes good for the next issue! <3

  3. Do you know that type of person that has NO confidence to say ANYTHING at school and she ONLY gets remarked in tests, when has courage to write everything she knows? Yep, that's me. And it's so sad to see that my shyness develops on stardoll too. I toguht that I actually gained some trust, like why why why don't try at least? Since the first cover I looked for the beauty marks placed just like that and I only found Anthony with them but however I said that it might be a just a nice touch of ALice's. The nose was the same , and the eyes and the lips but like when I put all togheter it I was so NOT sure because:
    A. Blond hair
    B. Blue eyes
    C. Not knowing if the the cover could be a cover PERSON( got it yesterday though)

    Anyway, the point in this weird comment is that you should never be like me, so insecure and afraid of giving a sugesstion and I'm happy for Lolita because she is never afraid to speak her mind out :D

    And I should end it in a very cheerful mood saying I LOVE FIERCIES (& THE FIERCIES ofc) and I'm so excited to know that Fierce is getting ready for a new issue!

    PS: Also my apologies to Antohny for visiting his suite like every 15 minutes last night and pretty much everyone blonde on Stardoll. Nope, I'm not Callie.Stardoll undercover if anyone was so amazed how I was visiting so many suitesa. It's all from my obsession above Agatha Christie's novels, I love unsolving a mystery :D

  4. Golly the graphic yet again! PERFECT!:D

    I'd never have guess it would be him!

  5. Not ur best work. I actually prefer the rejected cover instead.

  6. @Mary I can not beleive it! You were just telling me last night about it on skype! Won this Agatha Christie style guess, but I'm still winning the war

  7. shut the fuck up jessica.
    this is amazing, and a work of art.

  8. I love the article, but Springate's medoll has brown eyes and brown hair. :P

  9. O.O
    No way a human person could have done this! xD


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