Saturday, 13 November 2010

Thank you

Hi everyone, Emma here. I've been wondering wether to make this post or not for a while, but now I'm just going to do it.
I just got some quick information that I would like to share with you guys; I've been promoted to Editor in Chief of Fierce. Of course Alice is still Editor in Chief as well, but now we share it 50-50. I just want to say thank you to Alice and.. well you guys! Fiercies! I love you guys so much and we would never have gotten so far without you, you make making new issues worth our time.
To end this, I wrote a small article about Alice for a blog, but it was never used, so I'm going to post it here instead.

Alice Fare, the fair boss
Working with Alice has been, and is, a lot of fun, hard work.. and well, fun. I’ve almost known Alice for two years now, and she has always been kind and loving. We have somehow always seemed to understand each other, and she gets my weird sence of humor. She’s all in all a rather great person indeed.
Working with her at Fierce is, well not that big a difference. We have a lot of fun while coming up with crazy ideas, few of them are only used for our issues. She’s so creative and she’s always open to whatever I might have in mind. It’s amazing to “work” at a place where your boss is not only nice, but trusts you in what you do. Even when it means writting four articles for one issue, it’s really only right for the amazing graphics that Alice spends so much work on. She is so talented, and she always suprises me, always improves, even though I never think that it’s possible.
Fierce is my home, but it wouldn’t be it without Alice, who is truely the backbone of the whole thing, I’ve just been lucky enough to get a ticket to the show. To get to the point, Alice is amazing, and I’m grateful for having her as my friend and boss.
xoxo Emma Ullits.


  1. Congrats Emmmmmmma!!! You totally deserve it :D
    AWWWW that's soo nice :D


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