Tuesday, 9 November 2010

More Fierce

The file for this was called "Cover Version 6" and I know for a fact I did a different kind of cover before this. So this cover was one of MANY, but it was the final one (which we then changed AGAIN!)
Anyways, guess who the coverperson is and you'll be gifted with the newer cover (which is HUGE!) and a photoshoot AND an interview... What more could you ask for?!


  1. Omg. :O woww *Faints*
    That's just amazing!
    I can't guess who D: No idea.

  2. Whow! It's Simply Stunning! The Colors Blend So Beautifully Together. *-*

    Oh, And I Guess For.. Vampire_ [:

  3. :o It's amazing Alice!!!!!!!!!
    Your great at making graphics :D

    D: I searched soo many people but I can't find anyone that kind of look like that :S I wish I could get the photoshoot, though, haha.

    Coco xx

  4. It either Linda or Yasmin I think
    I'll go with yasmin (:

  5. It's Hunnigall, or quite simply, You, Alice.

  6. stunningggggg

    I guess you'd like to hear my guesses ;)

  7. That is an absolutely amazing graphic. Fierce is my all time favorite magazine. I have always thought that it is much more professional in terms of graphics than all the other ones, even better than Eternity (while it was there). I can't quite guess who the covergirl is, though.


  8. Oh and I would also like to mention that maybe you can show us the other cover versions since you wont be able to use them anyway? I'm sure they are all amazing ;)

  9. Damn Alice, I just want to tell you how talanted you are, even If I guess you hear it every single day. I'm truly so impressed by your graphics and I look up to you so much!
    Thanks for making them!

    xoxo Molly (Worst graphic designer ever compared to you)

  10. CG is:

    Springate whose Real name is Anthony.

  11. is it flippimaria (sorry i dont know they actual user name spelling haha)


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