Monday, 8 November 2010

What Never Happend in 2010

So um, yeah, I'll be making a few posts of the Fierce issue that never happened this year. We'll be starting new in 2010 with some exciting new features, hopefully some new writers and a brand new look - you won't want to miss it!
In the mean time, I'll be releasing the various unused graphics I have over the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled for some exciting never-happened articles and take a sneak peek at our fresh new look. We're bigger (quite literally, the covers are now double their original size. That's big. Take it from the person who made it XD)
I won't warble on anymore, just enjoy the beautiful pictures :)

Yours truly, Alice x x x

Star_Awards, modelling for a possible Halloween issue

Nachosa, modelling for a possible Halloween issue. I didn't like this much so it wouldn't have been in the issue anyways :D

More is on it's way, stay tuned ;)

- Fiercies xoxo


  1. I really really love the first one , but the second one is great too :D

    Good job alice ;) and good luck on the next issue it's gonna be amazing!

  2. Oh wow.
    The the graphics look flawless.

    Your so talented!

  3. :O Amazing Alice!
    I am in love with the first one<3
    Flawless shading (:

  4. Why are you so talented? :O



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