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Interview Fierce issue Fall 2011

I felt that it was a shame that some of my best work would never see the light of day. So I decided that I owed it to myself to let it shine bright here instead. Even though it's so not up-to-date and there may be errors, I hope that you will enjoy it.
Note that the covergirl has since this interview left stardoll, and I have not been able to recover her account name, so her name will have to do.

ALICE EDIT: Her name was Gmktk ;)
EMMA EDIT: No it wasn't, it was shake-something!  

Cover girl interview 
Fierce 2011 issue with Aba 
Yet another Cover Girl of Fierce Magazine enters the spotlight. But unlike her previous succorers this issues Cover girl, Aba, is much more than just another Cover Girl. She’s the very last one. But I think you all know that by now. We at Fierce decided to end with a bang, so who better than the always surprising Aba.
Aba is timeless, different and most importantly, she’s Fierce from top to toe. 
This interviews setting is no other place than the Fierce headquarters. In one of the lounge chairs wearing one of her, most likely to be, own creations sits Aba. Our main character. We greet each with a smile and a light hug, since it just so happens to be that Aba and myself are old friends. 
We sit down in the little couch area, right between my own office and Alice’. We each pick our own couch and I bring out my laptop. A mac of course, gotta love them. Aba is beaming with excitement, she has been ever since we told her the news. The reason we chose her you might ask? 
Aba is a fairly known member of the Stardoll community, she’s not overly well known, she hasn’t been on the cover of too many magazines. Which we like. But most importantly, she’s different. If you stop by her crip, she’ll always being wearing something unique and different. She’s a designer in her own way, she’s special.

To break the ice, I start out with the welcome speech, which always goes a bit like this: “I just wanna say thank you for wanting to be our Cover girl Aba, we’re very honored.” She smiles at me and says “Thank you so much for having me!” 
“Well we better get started, since I have a lot of questions ready for you Aba!” I say with a smile on my lips as I get ready to get going. She nods at me, and fumbles with some fabric on her dress, which is black and white and nothing like something I’ve ever seen before. 
I clear my throat and put on my serious face, she smiles  “Just to start out with, why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself Aba?” “Hmm.. Well, that’s hard.” She says and grins at me. “Well, I’m 14 years old and I live in a small country called Croatia.” Alright then. “What kind of person would you describe yourself as?” “I’d say that I’m a happy person, I’m completely optimistic which I think we all should be in life. I like fashion but I think people follow the rules way too much today. I like uniqueness in any form.”   
“Could you describe yourself if I gave you five words to do so?” She makes a face and then answers “5 words?” She stops for a moment and gives out a sigh “Well, I guess I’d say that I’m loyal, stubborn, shy, creative and fierce” The last one she adds while smiling at me, checking that I get the little joke. Which I do, of course. 
“Well you got through that nicely” I say.
We sit and sip a bit of our lattes, when Alice walks by in the midst of looking for something that she must have lost somehow. I ask if she needs some help but she mumbles something about being busy and missing something that’s apparently orange (isn’t it always?), so I sit back in my couch and take a moment to enjoy my amazing job. 
“We should probably keep going” I say as Alice leaves for the photo shoot she was working on down in the lower part of the building. Aba smiles at me and ask “It must be very hectic working here.” “Oh it is.” I say and I can’t help but to smile.

I look back at my laptop and starting asking the next set of questions. “Your outfits and make-up are always so creative and special. Do you have any certain inspiration? Or does it just come natural to you?”
She sends my a huge smile and answers, beaming “Awh, thank you! I don't think that I have a certain inspiration. But when I come to the point where I have to make a new outfit, I always try to think of things that people aren't used to see. Or maybe even things they find weird and repulsive. I'm never sure if they are going to like it, but it's a risk I like to take. Also I have to say I sort of love the 20's. Even though it's not my style I think women were dressing so classy back those days with all the jewelry. Everything looked so elegant and nice just like in a movie. And I mean, you have to love the 80's right? At least you can get a great laugh looking at some of the pictures.” 

“Would you call yourself a real fashionita?” She pounders over this question, but then answers “That depends on who you think of when you say fashionista. If you think that it’s a person who follows all the fashion trends and only dresses the way he or she sees it in the magazines then I'm defiantly not a fashionista. I just personally dislike trends, because it makes us all look the same. But if a fashionista is a person who loves fashion as a way of expressing themselves then I'm one from the bottom of my heart.” 
I nod, then continues “Would you say that fashion is your life? Do you intend to work within it in the future?”
“Fashion is a huge part of my life, no doubt about it! One of my dreams is to work in a well known fashion magazine as a stylist. I just imagine the feeling when you open a page and you see your work in it.” She takes a moment then adds “It may sound silly or like a cliche but I just can't help it.” 
I look at her self designed dress as the next set of questions spring to my mind, and bursts out of my mouth “Do you have a favorite designer? Do you even follow fashion that way, with runway shows etc. or do you just put on what you please?”
“I do watch a few of them. You know, just to see what has been done this season and to see the art that some of the designers make, because fashion is nothing else then art, at least that’s how I see it.” She pauses “I loved Alexander McQueens work” She does a silent RIP motion “And I also happen to like Gareth Pugh. His designs always seem to be very brave.” I can’t help but to that it it somehow feels comforting and assuring to me that even someone as creative as Aba, still likes to follow designers from time to time like the rest of us mortals.
“On Stardoll a lot of people have side projects, like blogs, magazines etc. Do you have any?” 
“I know it's very popular these days to have a project of your own, but I never really thought that much about doing something on my own.There are so many amazing magazines and blogs that I enjoy reading so I don't really think that it's that necessary to make one myself. For now I'll just continue with what I like the most on stardoll - the unlimited opportunities that you have when it comes to fashion.” 
“Lets move a bit from the world of fashion, to the world of Aba.” I scroll through my document filled with questions until I start out with “Lets start with this question. Besides going on stardoll frequently, do you have any hobbies?”  
“Well,” Aba answers with a smile “I go to school, which isn't much of a hobby but it does take a lot of time and energy. I also play tennis but I don't enjoy it that much to be honest. I love music, my friends.” She takes a moment and sip a bit of her almost empty latte. “When it comes to hobbies you could say I'm just a regular 14 year old girl.” She says and lifts her shoulder for a short moment. 
Alice walks through the area again on the way to her office, asking if everything is going well, not really listening when I answer. She sits down on couch, right next to Aba, sipping to her steaming hot Chai latte.
After a moment of silence she gestures me to go on. “What’s your thoughts on the whole “elite” craze, it is something that you believe in?” “Well, as much as I hate to admit I have to say that there are just some people that are more known than the others, the ones we all love - or love to hate.” 
“Do you care if you’re an “elite” or not?” 
“I don't care if a person is popular or not. I'm not interested in any sort of titles when I'm meeting someone and I dislike anyone who does that. I don't care if I'm elite or not, I'd rather have the title of a fashionable person the the title of being elite.” 
“But isn't a fashionable person pretty much an elite?” 
She thinks about that then answers “True. You've got a good point!” 
“Doesn’t she always though?” Alice says, looking up from her Chai Lattes. 
“Don’t you have somewhere to be, darling?” I say, holding back a smile. 
She smiles at me and says “Not really no.” 
“Too bad” I say. Which makes Alice stick her tong out at me. 
“What do you believe that the meaning with life is?” “I think we should all cherish life much more than we do. Just turn around and look at everything you have and then think of how often you actually complain when million of people don't have half of what you consider necessary.”
“Do you have a motto?” I ask.  
“I don't exactly have a motto, I never really thought about it this much but it would probably be something like "Take the best out of every moment or else you'll regret it"” 
“To end with, this is our very last issue, since it’s 2011, what do you hope that this year has in store for you?” 
“That seems like a kinda random question” Alice says. 
I send her my death stare and she mumbles down in her almost drank Chai latte “Just saying.” 
Aba giggles, not sure what to do of herself but then answers my question “I think that everyone has some sort of plans and wishes. First I'd like to finish my first year of high school. I'd like to take up photography, it has always been a big wish of mine. I want to keep my amazing friends. I will try to be less stubborn and listen to the advice I get. Basically, I will try to make 2011 better than 2010 was and I will try hard, because we all know it will all end in 2012, right?” She says and smiles. 
“Well that was it really. Thank you so much Aba, for being our very last cover girl. I’ll try to do you proud.” 
“Oh I know you will Emma, thank you so much for choosing me.” 
“Thank you for accepting it” Alice adds. 

We all give each light hugs and Alice and I wave goodbye as Aba makes her way out. 
We both walk into our offices, feeling a sense of relieve. 
But a feeling hangs in the air like a great perfume, a feeling that something great is finally coming to its end. 

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