Friday, 4 February 2011

The Illussion

Ok, so, I know that I haven't posted in a long time, and I'm not just talking about on here, I'm talking in generale. It feels all weird to be blogging again after all this time. But I've been thinking about writting this for a long time. I've been writting it in my head, how I want it to come out, what my point is, what examples to use ect. But you know, I've come to the conclusion that it's a lot harder to actually write something down than to imagine writting it down.
So I here I am, in the middle of my history class, being the rebell that I so obviously am, working on a post for you guys.

The theme of this post (I'm a huge fan of themes, it kinda gives me a guide line, so I don't just write random things, you know?) the illussion that we writers (and stardoll) create.

I think that we all know the very populare blog, Elite News, it's a classic example of a "place" who has gotten all it's popularity from creating an illussion after illusion. What I really mean with this is that they create a fake world. They bring us a story about a how Mary now has left has Dollywood and that Tyler has now checked back in to rehab (those are my own made up examples, don't hate me people). We love those post so much because they create an illussion. They make the world in which we all, one way or another, live in. They make them more alive and more fun. They make them feel like it's a real world. And that's what we really want!

I've also played a bit around with this certain way of writting, recently with my covergirl interview with Anthony (which can be found by scrolling down on this site). And I must say, I do enjoy reading it so much more than I did when I had just made a "normal" interview. Which basically consits of some questoins and some answers. Even though it takes so much more time and effort from me, I do beleive that it's worth it.
Because I create the illussion that I am really sitting talking to our covergirl, that we are really drinking coffee and talking, and that he really laughs, smiles and just in generale reacts to what I say. And it's really not that hard. And I'll tell you why that is. That is because, that you want to beleive it. Even though you know that it's not real, you want to beleive the illussion, because (as I said earlier) it makes it all more fun!
This is why people tell me "omg, it's so great, it really looks like an actual interview" and why our new.. eh.. covergirl (yes I said it!) asked me "I wonder if we will be drinking coffee at Starbucks too? :D".

So to end this, my conclussion is that we all want the illussion (me as much as the next person), it makes it all better. That's why we even read magazines, gossip blogs, go to "parties" ect. We do all these things to make our lifes more exicting than they are. We create an illussion, and we love anything that makes this process easier. This is why, besides the reason that I love to write very, very long articles that you guys love, I will keep writting interviews that makes you beleive something that is not real.
Because illusion is just another word for a lie.

What a great history class this truly is - E

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